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Start small, don’t stay small; the Story of Joshua & Gambo | Banrut Group

Start small, don’t stay small; the Story of Joshua & Gambo

Start small, don’t stay small; the Story of Joshua & Gambo

In the quest for a better life, they lobbied to be employed as Machine operators at #Banrut Rolls. I agreed to take them on the condition that they learn the ropes as fast as possible, failure to do so meant they are back to their previous unit. 

I was so surprised at their determination and their acquisition of knowledge.
9years on, they have become part of the pillars of our production unit handling automated machines with no formal education.

This has helped their personal aspirations with Joshua’s son gaining Admission into the university (ABU) last year to study electrical electronics and a daughter in her final year in a government sec school.
Gambo, on the other hand, has a son who’s preparing to go to secondary school in September. Both their wives are equally established in petty trading.
When I think of these guys, I see the gains of the open door policy that is evident in a family business. 

Their stories embody the essence of hard work and sheer determination to make something out of life.
In my convo with them, Joshua said his parents couldn’t afford to send him to school but he was determined to ensure his children go to school. Gambo said his family just refused to send him to school and his children are his sweetest revenge😊
We all have no excuse not to pursue our dreams as those who are daring always conquer!
Regardless of our educational background, we must all endeavour to always carry a positive energy and think outside the box.
You can start small but don’t stay small.
Have a beautiful week.