July 18, 2017

How I introduced my kids to entrepreneurship – Bola Adefila COO Banrut Rolls

Banrut Rolls was recently featured in The Guardian as the COO recruited her children for  the  summer in the family business to teach them about hard work and earning money. Enjoy her piece published in the  Guardian on Sunday July 16 Children naturally love and relish the fine things of life and their demand for same is endless. A few weekends ago there was a usual random request for a treat by my kids, Kitan and Nimi which led to a conversation regarding the value of money and hard work. Their dad and I made them realize that from the […]
July 13, 2017

Start small, don’t stay small; the Story of Joshua & Gambo

In the quest for a better life, they lobbied to be employed as Machine operators at #Banrut Rolls. I agreed to take them on the condition that they learn the ropes as fast as possible, failure to do so meant they are back to their previous unit.  I was so surprised at their determination and their acquisition of knowledge. 9years on, they have become part of the pillars of our production unit handling automated machines with no formal education. This has helped their personal aspirations with Joshua’s son gaining Admission into the university (ABU) last year to study electrical electronics and a daughter […]
March 31, 2017


A lot of people ask me, How come Tissue production? What made you decide on Tissue? Did you hear from God on what to do? How did you know it was going to work? Bla bla bla… It will interest you to know that Banrut Rolls started as a very informal discussion between myself, my siblings and our parents in our living room. We were all trying to convince our dad on why we needed to take the family business to the next level.  The next level, for us, meant manufacturing, at the time we were into importation and trading. […]
March 15, 2017


Upon embarking on the factory-building project, we were faced with the fresh challenge of a double-allocation controversy, which meant we didn’t have a land on which to build our factory. We were confused, discouraged, just name it. But thank God for my mum, she’s a diehard believer, A never –say-die kind of woman, always self-motivated. She wrote to the Minister applying for a factory land (you would think the Minister is her brother) but she’s fearless and can bring water out of a rock. To cut the long story short, the Minister approved and we were allocated another land. Now […]
March 10, 2017


Tissues and toilet rolls are a major aspect of our daily lives…we use them in our sad, happy, busy, free and exciting moments.   In choosing your tissue brand type, therefore, you should understand your specific needs. Spend a few minutes  to consider why exactly you need  tissues. The kind you choose determines the results you get… Toilet rolls may not give best results on a hot day if you have oily skin and you’re wearing make up… You get the picture? Facial tissues like our Vivian Pocket Tissues  or even Vicky Box Tissues would be perfect for this scenario. If […]
January 3, 2017


Tissues aren’t only for wiping noses or sweaty faces, below are a list of hacks tissues can help you with Hack 1: Lipstick dab. To ensure your lipstick lasts longer and to get that matte touch in trend, you’re advised to take the place apiece of tissue between your lips and press lips together. This blots lipstick  removes the  sheen and gives you that matt effect. Hack 2: Eye shadow particles can sometimes be annoying. During application, some particles fall where they are not needed, like on your cheek or else where. To avoid this, just place a piece of […]